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With so many companies today offering car finance, the choice of who to go with can be a somewhat confusing one. In addition and just to confuse the issue there are multiple loan offers, such as Low Doc, Secured and Unsecured lending. CanDo offer 4.39% interest rates on most vehicles.

Finance companies make you jump through numerous hoops and have you running back and forth organising reams of paperwork before you can get a loan approved. Who has time for that? And if you do finally get approved and sign off on the loan, you’re often left with that sinking feeling in your stomach when you think about the high interest rate and repayments you’ve just committed yourself to.


No Credit Check Car Finance

It may seem like a fantasy that a finance company would ever consider offering car finance without first doing a credit check on the applicant. With most finance companies a no credit check would be exactly that: A myth. After all, most play it safe and don’t want to take a chance on anything that has the slightest element of risk attached.

Our association with some of the top lenders in the country allow us to secure a car lease or rental for you without the need for extensive background credit checks. If you’ve had the door slammed in your face by other lenders because of poor credit history, then that’s where we can help.

Car Finance Bad Credit

We believe everyone deserves a second chance, and just because you’ve had credit problems in the past shouldn’t mean you can’t get car finance today. With many finance companies it’s like a ‘one strike and you’re out’ policy.

However, not all finance companies are the same. There are lenders who specialise in what are sometimes known as “second chance” loans. Some bad credit car dealers offer auto finance as well. CanDo Financial has access to these lenders, that’s why we can confidently proclaim to be able to secure you car finance regardless of how poor your credit history may be.

Arranging Cheap Car Loans for customers with bad credit is our specialty. We understand there is usually a good reason for any loan defaults in the past. When we explain these reasons to the lenders we succeed in securing a competitive loan for you.

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