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Financing Cars with Bad Credit

When it comes to a history of bad credit, you may believe you have no options available to you to get that bad credit car loans. Not true. Yes, with some finance companies that may be the case, but there are still loads of options open to you. Bad credit car dealers for one.

This isn’t a time to let your pride overrule your need for a car. Don’t be too afraid to seek out a car loan just because of your credit history. We’ve all made mistakes of some kind in the past and taking positive action helps to erase those mistakes.

Why Use Bad Credit Car Dealers?

Car dealers who specialise in selling cars to people with poor credit scores not only understand your situation, but they are also teamed up with select lenders and brokers who also specialise in furnishing these types of loans; companies such as CanDo Loans. So it only makes sense to seek out a car dealership that specifies they sell cars to people with a bad credit record. It’s in their best interest to sell you a car, and it’s also in your favour that they are in a position to help you get behind the wheel again. So it really is a win-win situation for both parties.

Buying A Car With Bad Credit

So how do you go about buying a car with bad credit?
• Seek out bad credit car dealers
• Seek out a lender that loans money to people with bad credit

Always keep it firmly in your mind that you do have options. Don’t believe for a moment that having bad credit in the past means it’s impossible for you to secure finance for a vehicle. In reality there are many options out there and getting that car finance is far from impossible, so never limit yourself by thinking to the contrary.

As mentioned in the bullet points above there are two ways you can go about buying a car with bad credit. First is to locate a dealer which specifies they sell cars to people with bad credit, select a car you would like to buy and let the dealer arrange the finance for you through a broker. The second is to find your own lender or broker, such as CanDo Loans, arrange your own finance first, then go out and pick and choose a car from any dealership you like.

Auto Loan With Poor Credit

At CanDo Loans we are confident we can get you a loan that’s right for you no matter how bad your credit history may be. Not only can we organise a lender who won’t do a credit check to approve the loan, we also specialise in low doc loans; which means if you don’t have all the financial statements and supporting documents the big banks always ask for, you can still get a loan. So long as you can show some evidence that you earn enough money to make the repayments, then we can get you a poor credit car loan through one of our specialised lenders.

Bad Credit Car Dealerships

One of the very best ways to find a car dealership in your area who deals in sales and loans to people with bad credit is to search them out on the internet. Many comparison sites target specific areas and have search criteria that caters to bad credit car dealers. So save your legs and save time by jumping online to do a search.

Better still, first organise your loan through CanDo Loans, then go shopping for your next ride.

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