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Car Finance Bad Credit – CanDo Financial

When you appling for no deposit bad credit car loans the bank checks your credit file. In your file is information on your past loans – credit history. Checking this means banks can see if you have had bad credit in the past 5 years, 7 if you have been bankrupt. In Australia there are a number of lenders that provide bad credit car loans for people who have past lending problems. In the past these banks increase the interest rates and finding a cheap bad credit loan was nearly impossible.

Interest Rates for Bad Credit Car Loans

Past problems are just that with CanDo Finance's Bad Credit Car Loans. Knowing which lender suits you is what we are good at. Maybe you do not even have bad credit anymore? Want us to find out for you, we can? Second chance loans are available and do not have high interest rates they once did. Rate are all about risk – if you have 10 defaults on your file, no one will lend you money. If you have 3 from a marriage breakup 4 years ago – then no problem. For a free evaluation of your credit file give a CanDo manager a call today – 1300 95 17 82

Getting a car loan in Australia

Australia has over 40 banks, non-bank lenders and other financiers. How do you find the best lender for you? By calling us we have the experience to know that you are best suited too. It our job to get your car loan approved, good or bad credit car loans Australia wide.

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