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If you have been dreaming of hopping on that new ride but don’t have the money, then motorcycle financing will be your best bet to purchase that dream bike. Although generally cheaper to buy than cars, not many of us usually have the available funds to just go out and buy a motorcycle with cash that we have saved. Even if you have managed to save a little, chances are you will still need to borrow funds to make a purchase.

Nothing beats the freedom and thrill of the wind whipping at you as you ride your motorcycle along that winding country road, or cruise the city streets at night on your shiny new bike financed the easy way.

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When it comes to looking for lenders, it’s always a good idea to go to a comparison site that will list a series of finance companies side by side, showing you comparisons for interest rates, application fees, loan terms and minimum loan amounts. This saves a lot of time going to each finance company’s website individually, and everything is there to view at a glance.

Don’t let your eagerness to get that new bike make you rush your decision. Take your time in searching for the right lender for you, and make sure the repayment amounts will be something you can comfortably cover month to month. Compare, calculate and save, check your repayments using our Bike Loans Calculator on this page.

Bike Loans Bad Credit

If you suffer from a bad credit history, you might think there’s no way you will be eligible for motorcycle financing. Think again.
Just as there are many lenders who specialise in financing car loans for those with a poor credit score, the same is true for anyone hoping to buy a motorcycle. These finance companies understand that we all have a past and sometimes things don’t go according to plan. They also believe we shouldn’t be forever punished because of our past history and are willing to give those of us with poor credit a second chance.

Why should bad credit stop you from enjoying the thrill of riding a motorcycle?
The truth is it shouldn’t. There are many lenders out there willing to give you a go. You just need to find them and apply, having full confidence that your riding future is in good hands.

Used Motorcycle Loans

Loans for used motorcycles are often unsecured, and there are lenders who specialise primarily in motorcycle financing. Sometimes it’s best to go with one of these lenders as they understand the emotion associated with the purchase of a motorbike, with many of them being keen riders themselves.

Whether purchasing a brand new bike or a preloved one, calculate your repayments first with CanDo's bike loans calculator, no matter if you’ve got a good credit history or bad, there are lenders out there willing to help. And if you are struggling to secure finance for your bike, consider enlisting the expert help of a motorclcle finance broker to get you a loan.
Then go out there and enjoy the ride.

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