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Boat Loan Calculators

Boat Loans Calculator

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With online Boat Loan applications you do not have to wait. Once we have received you enquiry a Cando manager will start the pre-approval process within hours. Within 24 hours or less we will have you an approval. Have you ever dreamed of owning a boat but thought you couldn’t afford expensive boat finance repayments? Or perhaps you want to teach your children to ski or fish. With one of our no deposit, low interest Boat Loans we’ll have you on the water in no time. We’ll beat the banks with some of the best Cheap Boat Loan Interest Rates deals in Australia. Grab our no deposit offer and apply online.

Not sure what sort of Marine Loan you need? Private sales or from a dealer talk to us. We’ll work out the best option for you find out how we can save you money on your next personal loan, call one of our qualified marine brokers today on 1300951782

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  • Low interest rates
  • Private loans
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CanDo finance, financing all types of marine goods

We can finance your yacht, houseboat, jet ski or any other water craft at the most affordable price. We can even arrange all your insurance needs. How can we offer such great terms? Unlike cars, marine vessels generally have a longer life. So we can lend over a longer term making your monthly repayments and interet rate more affordable. CanDo are the Jet Ski Loans experts,w with a simple online application form.


Pre-approvaed marine finance

Here at CanDo Financial Pre-Approved marine finance is our forte. We have an easy access, on-line application form available on our web site for you to complete in the comfort of your own home. With the information, you provide we will find the best lender that suits you personally. Having your finance in place prior to purchase is a great way to go shopping and it could just be the difference between getting the boat you like or just missing it. Having the confidence and knowing your financial position, is a great bargaining tool when getting a good deal. We have lenders on board that will finance our customers when buying a boat privately. This could possibly save you thousands. Call now for our latest Boat Loans Interest Rates.


Private sale marine finance

Are you looking for private sale Marine Finance? If you have been searching for a while and finally found the boat of your dreams but it’s not a dealer sale don’t despair we can organise a loan for you with one of our big banks. We know how important it is to provide options for our customers without the restrictions of purchasing from a dealer so you get the boat you have your eye on. It may be worth considering Pre-approval boat loans when purchasing privately as sometimes you come across a bargain and just know it won’t hang around for long. With an easy application process and an answer in approx. 1 day, if approved this is valid for approx. 3 months giving you plenty of time to find that bargain you are searching for.


Why interest rates vary

Did you know that Boat Loan Interest Rates can vary? The bank looks at the customer and the asset (boat) so to achieve a true estimate when enquiring about rates there is information the broker requires from you first, this is not the broker being evasive but gives them a picture of which bank you suit depending on their requirements. The bank classes a boat as luxury goods so therefore expects the customer to either be a home owner or have a deposit. The price of the boat also plays a big part in interest rates and your asset position. These are just some questions that will assist the broker when you inquire about boat loan interest rates. Pre-approval boat loans are also now available.

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