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At CanDo we understand the importance of agriculture finance

Providing a range of agriculture finance products!

Agriculture finance

Rural financing company CanDo financial provides agriculture finance options for farmers and primary producers. Understanding agribusiness in Australia and the challenges farmers face we specialize in low rate agricultural equipment loans.

Associated with more than 20 of Australia leading lenders in rural and agricultural lending.

Our consultants have multiple options for:

Financing for harvesters, bailers, tractors, bulldozers, graders, spray equipment, pumps and related farm equipment. We also offer no deposit low doc equipment loans, with no proof of income required.

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Seasonal Business Loans

Managing seasonal cash flow can be an issue for agribusiness. Make 100% sure your budget extends to cover the quiet months. Financing those quiet months can also alleviate the pain, providing you have equity in your property?

All banks like to have security when lending funds to the rural sector and agricultural financing is no different.

At CanDo we believe in thinking outside the square, by discussing and identifying your individual requirements we hope to structure the perfect agricultural finance package for your rural farming business.

Don’t forget that low doc no proof of income funding is avaiable”

Agricultural loans help farmers run their farms more efficiently.

Competitive agricultural loans with flexible payments.

How much can I borrow for my business?

Most banks require full business financial before they will approve a loan. Your business tax returns are scrutinized and you proof calculated. Then the banks calculate your ability to repay any lending they may approve.

There are a few that require no proof of income!

What type of agribusiness loans do CanDo provide.

With well over 20 lenders available to our consultants we service all types of clients from all walks of life. Providing low rate lending to our clients is what we do!

What if I have had bad credit in the past

At CanDo we believe the past is just that. There are no guarantees except that you will recieve informative facts from our consultants and we will assist in finding you the lending you require.

What do you mean by agricultural finance?

Agricultural finance refers to services ranging from short-medium- and long-term loans.

Finance from leasing, to crop and livestock insurance, covering the entire agricultural value chain – input supply, production and distribution, wholesaling, processing and marketing

Agricultural loans with flexible payments

Cash flow is the key to success in any business. Our consultants realise this and are proactive in sourcing agricultural equipment loans with low rates. So agricultural leasing whether a finance lease or an operating lease both benefit your agribusiness profitability.

For you convenience our agribusiness managers are available 7 days a week.

Low rate agricultural loans

At CanDo we understand your unique, meeting the lending requirements of each rural business requires time and effort. We tailor a banking product to suit your cash flow and minimize your repayments.

Cando’s rural finance managers would be happy to discuss your individual requirements anytime?