Financing computers, hardware and more!

Understanding the importance of modern day technology finance.

Leading the way in financing tomorrow’s technology today.

Future Tech financing

Hardware and software for office and business has drastically evolved over the last couple of years. To keep pace with technology we must also be prepared to change and move with the times – it is no longer acceptable to wait until tomorrow to do what needs doing today!

At Cando, we understand this and have embraced advancements in software and molded our business equipment to suit.

Leading the field in financing modern day equipment technology products, such as but not limited to.

  • Office computer systems
  • Printers – scanners
  • Medical equipment – MRI equipment
  • Electronics – both phone and server based systems

Technology Finance

Identifying opportunities in Australia, even worldwide can open the door for wealth creation on a global scale, we have seen first-hand how viral commodities can generate multi-million dollar incomes overnight.


Moving to capture these ever-changing markets our finance packages must meet the challenge and be up to the task.

Providing introductions to investment managers can give you peace of mind, knowing you will no miss that big shift in the market.

Do not wait, tomorrow maybe to late contact a investment specialist today about financing your next project.

Can I borrow money to start a technology business.

Yes, CanDo never say no! BUT you will have to have a very marketable product and some form of security or pre-sales!

What lending product are avaiable?

With well over 20 lenders, offering chattel mortgages, hire purchase and leasing – you choose!