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Semi-Trailers, Plant Trailers, B-Doubles & Aluminium

CanDo find low doc truck finance for ABN holders

The transport industry in Australia is a very competitive industry

Trust CanDo for used truck loans

Our team of brokers, specialise in truck loans. We are experienced with business asset loans and are available to go through a pre-approval with you. Finding which bank would suit you best, as all banks have different criteria.

We all know the saying ‘we are only as good as our tools. Well that works with most businesses. If we don’t have the right equipment we can’t do the job. That means losing work and money. So, if you have been in business for two years or more, are a home owner or mortgaged and have good credit. Then we have a low doc business truck loan available. This is a Chattel Mortgage so your accountant will be happy. Call now for a no obligation used truck loan pre-approval to get you started.

Truck finance at its best

Finding the cheapest truck finance possible is our specialty. Cando Financial has over ten years of experience in the transport industry. This allows us to find an approval for even the most difficult truck loans.

If urgent, your loan can be approved the very next day. Finance for any and all transporting equipment can be done. From – semi – trucks, tippers, trailers, B doubles, courier vehicles, prime movers, you name it. With over twenty banks available, including major banks and non-mainstream banks. Knowing the truck finance criteria each one needs to grant a loan approval and will use that to your advantage.

Quick truck financing questions answered

We are accredited with the most reputable commercial finance companies in Australia.

How do I know how much I will be spending?

You can use one of our handy loan calculators or get a quick quote online for an estimate. This is free of charge.

What is a comparison rate?

A comparison rate is the interest rate of a home loan plus some costs associated with the loan expressed as an interest rate. These rates are here to help you and are regulated by the Consumer Credit Code.

What’s the difference between fixed and variable rates?

A fixed rate is an interest rate that stays the same for an agreed period. Variable rates are subject to moves in the official cash rate and housing market.

Best rates - Lowest repayments - Call CanDo Truck Loans

Which banks offer the lowest rates for transport equipment? New to 3 year old truck loans generally have the cheapest repayments.

Business Vehicle Lending

Commercial loans are not just used for buying trucks. Purchasing most business items for commercial use will qualify your company for these great low rates.

As low doc financing experts, we organise no proof of income loans to buy a range of goods. All business equipment, trucks, vans, computers, forklifts, machinery, lathes, wood working machinery, metal working equipment and mining heavy equipment.

Low Doc Truck Loans Australia wide

Low Doc Truck Loans – this is a business vehicle loan were the bank or lender does not require you to prove income.

No deposit is required either and newer truck get the best rates.