Business Financing – Finance Explained

What is a Business Loan

Business Financing – A business finance loan is used to purchase or buy goods for business use or just increase your cashflow!, vehicles, property or equipment to be used for, or in a business for the purpose of obtaining an income. Basically any person or company qualifies for a business loan, providing they have a registered ABN (Australian Business Number) or ACN (Australian Company Number) These types of finance loans are not protested by government UCCC (uniform consumer credit code) so be careful what you offer as security?

Small Business Financing Loans

Running a small business can be expensive, larger businesses even more so. Small unsecured business financing loans help provide cash flow to businesses that require that extra bit of cash to buy that new piece of equipment, upgrade the tired computers or an added bit of advertising. Small business finance can be used to buy anything relating to your business. Cashflow is key when it comes to new businesses, one of the major reason new business fail in the first three years is the lack of startup funding avaiable. To qualify for a unsecured business finance we only require 3 months bank statements (for loans up to 50K).

Questions relating to Business Financing

At CanDo financial we have all types of finance people. Asset finance specialist, home loan professionals, rural and residential business manager who look after most of our property investment clients. Having over 40 plus banks avaiable finance manager must keep themselves update with the current lender offer. Doing this means our staff train about 2 – 5 hours a week just to keep there current knowledge up to speed.