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At CanDo we understand the benefits of cheap car loan rates.

Providing a range of auto finance options to Australian consumers and businesses.

Car financing rates

Our friendly team at Cando car financing  will be able to find the perfect car loan to suit your needs. All customers who are over 18 and employed are able to apply with Cando and we will also consider your application regardless of your credit history. All the time trying for the best car loan rate possible

We can offer car loans starting from $5000 upwards, and we aim to approve all successful applications as fast as possible – usually within 24 hours or less – so you can purchase your new car and get on with your life!

Car loan rates from CanDo

Are you looking for some of the Best Car Loan Rates in Australia? Cando car loans  offer simple, affordable loans with great interest rates to help you get on the road faster.

We have offices in all states including Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, and we can help you obtain a car loan no matter where you live in Australia!

Does searching Google for the best car loan interest rates work for you?

Why not! At CanDo we like to be transparent, here are some answers.

How much can I borrow for my business?

Most banks require full business financial before they will approve a loan. Your business tax returns are scrutinized and you proof calculated. Then the banks calculate your ability to repay any lending they may approve.

There are a few that require no proof of income!

What are the current car loan interest rates.

With well over 20 lenders, a lot depend on  the car, new car loan rates are cheaper than used. But give us a call and get your no obligation quote today.

What if I have had bad credit in the past

At CanDo we believe the past is just that. There are no guarantees except that you will recieve informative facts from our consultants and we will assist in finding you the lending you require.

Car Finance with flexible payments

Suppose you could get a car loan with an interest rate 1% lower? Would it be worth the 30 cent phone call. At Cando we think we can achieve lower car loan rates than the banks.

Do the banks set your car loan rate?

Yes they do  – BUT then there are fees and charges added. These fees and charges add up to what is commonly known as a comparison rate. The true interest rate of your loan.

At Cando we find the best comparison rate!

Low interest rate financing

At CanDo we understand your unique that why we to ask a few more question than other companies. One rate does not work for everyone!