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Need a Car Insurance policy? We can help

At CanDo we offer various motor vehicle insurance products and our qualified consultants will inform you on the best options for your vehicle.

You can choose the excess amount?

Many factors affect the price of car insurances such as the price of the vehicle, the post code the car will be kept, your age and driving record, any modifications to the car. You can choose to ncrease your excess to reduce your premiums. There is also the option of an agreed or market value of the car.

How do extras affect the price

Adding drivers especially one aged under 25 can also drastically increase your premiums.

There are optional extras available on some policies such as windscreen, with no excess and car hire expenses if your car is stolen.

Some frequently ask questions answered

We are accredited with the most reputable lenders in Australia giving you a fair choice to copmare.

How do I know how much my premium will be?

Once we have all the details required to evaluate the cost – we will provide a no obligatin insurance quote.

Why does increasing my excess reduce my premium?

By increasing your excess, you are removing the insurance company’s exposure to a smaller amount of risk. They reward you by lowering your premium

What’s is a no claims bonus

Insurance is all about risk – over time if you have not had a claim you will receive a benefit or no claims bonus.