Free up your cash-flow with a CanDo business car lease offer.

Finance lease V's Operating lease?

Is it time for a new car? But you do not want to impact your businesses cashflow? Car Leasing maybe an option!

A Car lease is a business product which allows you to have the use of a car or commercial vehicle while the lender retains ownership of the vehicle for the term of the lease. The car leasing term can vary from 2 to 5 years. At the end of the agreement, the customer can pay a final installment and own the car. There is also the option of trading for another vehicle or refinance the residual balloon amount and continue leasing.

The customer can opt to have a larger residual payment at the end of the lease, thus reducing the monthly rent or lease payments. The repayments are fixed and all the costs are known in advance. Payments can be made in advance, which can be useful at tax time.

A Lease would suit a company, sole trader or partnership and individuals who use the vehicle to generate an income.

Some frequently asked questions about lease vehicles

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Will leasing be cheaper than hire purchase?

That totally depends on your personal or business structure. We would suggest a discussion with your accountant on that point.

How long will it take for a lease approval.

Depending on who the seller is and how proactive we can gather the required documents. CanDo normal car leasing settlement time is 48 hours.

What’s the difference between fixed and variable rates?

A fixed rate is an interest rate that stays the same for an agreed period. Variable rates are subject change.

Leasing V's HP?

Our clients sometimes ask which is better. From your businesses perspective only you or your accountant can answer that question.

Leasing managers can explain the differences between the two, but ultimately you or your accountant will make the final call!

What is Leasing?

car lease lets you drive a new vehicle without paying a large sum of cash or taking out a loan.

To lease a car, you simply make a small down payment – followed by monthly payments for the term of the car lease. When the term expires, you return the car.

Two leasing products

There are two main types of lease – a “finance” lease and an “operating” lease. An operating lease is like a rental agreement, once the lease term ends you hand over the vehicle and no longer make any payments. Finance car leaseing is a little more complicated. You pay a set monthly lease payment