Structured business lending with tax benefits - chattel mortgage

Business lending at it best, chattel mortgages have good tax benefits

Is it time to upgrade your business vehicles? Use our knowledge to get the best deal.

What is a chattel mortgage?

A chattel mortgage is one way of financing your next business vehicle. Banks offer several loan products, a chattel mortgage is one. Usually used by ABN or ACN registered entities.

You the buyer owns the asset, such as a car, trucks, vans or any business equipment but the bank registers an interest over the goods until the loan is paid out. These types of loans can be structured to include a residual/balloon payments.

CanDo wants your business!

Chattel mortgages can be used to purchase a range of business related items, not just cars!

Equipment such as computers, printers. yellow goods – forklifts, excavators, truck and vans can be financed using a chattel mortgage product.

Cando considers your situation and presents you with the best banks offer, at no obligation or cost to you.

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Can anyone apply for a chattel mortgage?

No, to use a chattel mortgage product you must have an Australian ABN or ACN. The vehicle or goods must be used over 50% for business purposes.

What is the longest loan term?

Chattel mortgage are a very flexible loan product. The usual term for this type of product is between 1 – 5 years. Most clients tend to choice between 3 – 5 year loan terms.

Are chattel mortgages fixed or variable rates?

At CanDo only fixed rate loans are avaiable (home loans excluded) By fixing you interest rate and loan term you will be able to budget your cash flow requirements and no nasty surprise during the loan term!

Buying a new business vehicle?

Use a chattel mortgage product, claim your GST component on your next BAS and grab the maximum tax deductions at tax time!CanDo have finance advisors avaiable to discuss hese options

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What's the best Interest Rate?

Well business car loans are the cheapest – everybody needs one!

While yellow goods such as bobcats, excavators and bulldozers are a little dearer.

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Chattel mortgage - Benefits

Maximise your tax dollars

  • Loans from 1 – 7 years
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Balloon Payment
  • Fixed payments
  • Tax effective
  • GST returns