Whats the lowest interest rates for car loans - 4.22%

At CanDo we understand the importance of competitive motor vehicle financing

Affordable car loans with more options, balloons, longer repayments and cheap rates

Australia’s Cheapest Car Loans

Everybody needs transport, CanDo provides the cheapest car loans, we are the one stop finance and insurance brokers. Business car financing (low doc car loans) to basic consumer secured car lending – that’s our specialty.

What you don’t know is we will beat any written quote – CanDo does not have the high overheads of the big four banks. Motor vehicle lending is our cheapest loan product – we use 20 or more banks.

Pre-approvals are gold when you are buying from a dealer. Name your price, its like having cash at your fingertips!

Want a Business Car Loan

The banks cheapest loan is a business car loan. They are a commercial business loan, especially used to buy vehicle for business use. A car loan like this can be used to buy any motor vehicle, either from a car dealer or off gumtree, car sales or at auction?

At CanDo our managers have been helping Australian’s find the best car loans for many years. By using a secured car finance product, we make 100% sure our interest rates are cheaper than our competition.

CanDo are open seven days for your convenience.

What is your cheapest car loan interest rate?

Competitive car loans with flexible payments.

How much can I borrow for a new car?

Good news! New cars have cheaper interest rates – so your repayments will be lower – usually meaning you can borrow more if you like!

Can I buy a used car from a private seller.

Yes, buying privately can be a cheaper option than purchasing from a dealer. If you find a car you like, we can organise the finance for it.

What if I have had bad credit in the past

At CanDo we believe the past is just that. So please apply online now!

What do you mean by auto interest rates?

Auto interest rates are set by the banks, car loan interest rates

Can I pay the loan off early?

Yes, payout your loan in full t anytime. Be careful though some loans charge early termination fees, best call your CanDo lending manager first!

What is the longest loan term for a car?

Seven years or 84 months is the longest lon term we have avaiable.