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Are You looking for Loans Com Au in Australia

Are you searching for the best finance deal in Australia? CanDo Loans Com Au is a company with more than 23 financial institutions and banks to choose from. All our lenders are Australian based and do not lend overseas. While this restricts some clients, it means these banks specialize in Australian loans – this makes them a better fit for you, the Australian resident.

We finance all types of goods:

  • Home Loans Com Au
  • Car Finance
  • Horse Floats
  • Boats or Jet Ski Loans
  • Goosenecks Trailers
  • Business Equipment, Machinery funding
  • Truck Low Doc Finance
  • Motorcycle or Bikes lending is also an option.

How you Apply

CanDo is offering a $250 cash back incentive to apply online through our secure website. Our website uses SSL security to store your personal information, so your information is safe with us. Applying online takes a couple of minutes and you can do this anytime of the day or night. We will call you as soon as we have received your application. The approval process takes between 6 – 18 hours, and no more than that!

Once you have applied

Our smart system will request a copy of your driver’s licence and 2 pay slips via the email address you supplied in your application (please check your span folder for this request). If you are a business owner, the request will be for 2-year FULL company financials unless you are applying for Low Doc Business Loan, and then this information is not required.

How does the seller get paid:

The seller receives payment directly from the bank. No third party payments can be organized. Part of our job is to organize this process. Payment is usually received – cash in bank overnight. Before the seller receives the funds CanDo Loans Com Au will be provided, direct from the bank and settlement advice, as soon as we receive this we call you within a minute. We know how important picking up your new purchase is to you!

Business Financing – Finance Explained

What is a Business Loan

Business Financing – A business finance loan is used to purchase or buy goods for business use or just increase your cashflow!, vehicles, property or equipment to be used for, or in a business for the purpose of obtaining an income. Basically any person or company qualifies for a business loan, providing they have a registered ABN (Australian Business Number) or ACN (Australian Company Number) These types of finance loans are not protested by government UCCC (uniform consumer credit code) so be careful what you offer as security?

Small Business Financing Loans

Running a small business can be expensive, larger businesses even more so. Small unsecured business financing loans help provide cash flow to businesses that require that extra bit of cash to buy that new piece of equipment, upgrade the tired computers or an added bit of advertising. Small business finance can be used to buy anything relating to your business. Cashflow is key when it comes to new businesses, one of the major reason new business fail in the first three years is the lack of startup funding avaiable. To qualify for a unsecured business finance we only require 3 months bank statements (for loans up to 50K).

Questions relating to Business Financing

At CanDo financial we have all types of finance people. Asset finance specialist, home loan professionals, rural and residential business manager who look after most of our property investment clients. Having over 40 plus banks avaiable finance manager must keep themselves update with the current lender offer. Doing this means our staff train about 2 – 5 hours a week just to keep there current knowledge up to speed.

Buying Cars or Boats Privately

Buying boats privately can save you hundreds of dollars. Our 20+ banks and other lenders approve loans for you to buy from private sellers. Pickles, Manheim or other auction houses are OK also. CanDo finance brokers are here to save you money. Bargain hard our finance once approved is as good as cash. Expert advice from a finance specialist can save you even more! Click through to learn more.

Private sales ar OK with us!

Cars, Boats, Truck or Equipment, all types of goods can be purchased from private sellers. Utilise Gumtree, EBay or the Trading post to find the best deal for you. Cando even offer additional warrantee cover to add that extra security to your purchase. All private sales buys are checked and triple check to make sure the goods you are buying are unencumbered for your safety.

Low Doc Car Finance

Are you self-employed and have income and assets, but can’t provide financial income statements or proof of income tax returns? CanDo have few specialist banks that do not require you to provide your companies tax returns. These types of low doc car loans are very easy to get. To qualify there is only three must have criteria. Have a mortgage or be a home owner, have a good credit history and your business must have been registered for 2 years or more. Provided the item you are buying is acceptable to the bank – approvals on take hours not days. Ask a CanDo finance manger how? Low Doc Car Loans are the solution for you.

Low Doc Car Loans

These are the easiest of the Low Doc Finance loans to get an approval for. Your account will like the way we setup the finance package and you should be able to grab some of the GST credits back from the taxman. If this sounds like a good idea then please feel free to give us a call anytime. CanDo Financial has loans managers avaiable 7 days a week.

Bad Credit History Car Loans

If you have bad credit history, getting a loan may seem like a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be. Finance companies are not all the same. Some banks and other lenders are prepared to offer you a second chance. These lenders specialise in loans for people with defaults or bad credit auto defaults. CanDo loans has access to at least three baks offering these types of loans. CanDo Loans aims to provide affordable, stress-free loans to anyone who needs it.

Second chance Car Loans

Poor credit car loans are easy for us. We specialise in finding car loans for clients with a few problems on thier credit file. Generally there are explainable reasons for bad credit problems – we are trained to find these problems and explain the rerasons to the banks, this usually will lead to an approval at a good interest rate!