Bad Credit Home Loans have slightly higher rates - thats all!

Bad credit doesn’t mean ‘No’ Loan

If you have bad credit, Cando Loans can help you get home loan approval

At CanDo we have solutions!

How do bad credit home loans differ from normal lending? What extra information will the bank ask for. These are all questions your dedicated home finance consultant will answer.

At CanDo we want to prove the bad credit is over, our consultants will put the best possible loan application forward to the lender for approval. We do not submit loans we think will not be approved – that’s our promise to you.

Would you like fixed or a variable bad credit home loan interest rate? We can source both on your behalf – the choice is yours.

your shot at a dream home with Savvy.

What is a bad credit home loan?

A bad credit home loans is when a financial institution or company that supplies credit, such as Telstra list against you on your credit file. Generally, you will know who this is, as they are required to send you three notices in total?

Bank have certain criteria, when applying for a loan CanDo finance manager will match you to the most suitable band – if you have an issue on your credit file then a bad credit home loan is exactly what you need!

There are rules and regulation the banks all need to comply with, regarding lending to the consumer, home loan lending is no different, let us guide you through it.

Do you have more question about bad credit?

Not all banks of impaired credit home loans - which is the best?

How do I know how much I will be spending?

You can use one of our handy loan calculators or get a quick quote online for an estimate. This is free of charge.

What is a comparison rate?

A comparison rate is the interest rate of a home loan plus some costs associated with the loan expressed as an interest rate. These rates are here to help you and are regulated by the Consumer Credit Code.

What’s the difference between fixed and variable rates?

A fixed rate is an interest rate that stays the same for an agreed period. Variable rates are subject to moves in the official cash rate and housing market.

Lenders who specialise in bad credit

There are multiple banks who target bad credit mortgages. Then you have your non-prime lenders also in the market for clients with impaired credit. Mortgages or home loans in this area always have a higher interest rate.

Mortgages or home loan refinancing with bad credit

Let say you had a nice clean credit file when you first setup your home loan. If you then as life always does, throw you a curve ball and you now have impaired credit – can you refinance your mortgage?

Bad credit - cash out from refinancing?

Sometimes having equity in your home can save you! Accessing the equity, you have in your home, or at least some of it, is possible. Refinancing to pay debts that are hanging over your head maybe an option. Our home refinancing brokers will advise your options.