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Finding the best construction loans

What features are you looking for in your next construction loan. Low rates are always the answer. But what about low repayments? They are not always the same answer!

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Why ask us? Thats easy – one phone call gets you 20 lenders. From that one call we can assist you with introductions to the best banks for construction loans. Not only saving you precious dollars but time also.

How many lenders do construction loans?

Niche market construction loans from multiple banks - CanDo can find that special lender.

How do I know how much I will be spending?

You can use one of our handy construction loans calculators or get a quick quote online for an estimate. This is free of charge.

What is a comparison rate?

A comparison rate is the interest rate of a home loan plus some costs associated with the loan expressed as an rate. These rates are here to help you and are regulated by the Consumer Credit Code.

What’s the difference between fixed and variable rates?

A fixed rate is an rate that stays the same for an agreed period. Variable rates are subject to moves in the official cash rate and housing market.

What are the current construction financing rates?

Rate for risk is the answer to the question. Especially in construction lending. Perceived risk is calculated in LVR or loan to value ratio. Calculating this by dividing the loan amount required by the end values of the property. Lender have a LVR limit of apprimately 80%, once this limit has been reached the lender charges LMI – lenders mortgage insurance.

Can I get a low doc construction loan for investment?

Yes, you can – but be aware the lender will want a substantial deposit. Or for you to have equity in the property. Once again in the investment market, LVR will be one of the deciding factors. The joy with a construction loans is that the valuation is done on the end value of the property.

How much are the repayments on construction loans?

At CanDo we access which lender requires what information, from there and only there we can provide accurate information. Most banks like to see some hurt money – ie a deposit of 20% is normal.