Use your equity to buy an investment property?

Let CanDo financial planner prove to you why property investment can work for you?

Home investing, bricks and mortar security!

Investment property – home loans

Lots of Australians tap into their equity to by an investment property. This trend or idea behind this is to rent the property and the rent covers the invest home loan mortgage, or at least a percentage of it. Just imagine someone else paying off your mortgage for thirty years.

Australian banks offer multiple loans for investment purposes. A broker will search through hundreds of banks product and match your requirements to the most suitable investment lender.

CanDo our trusted brand

At Cando, investment property finance provides huge benefits to applicants, we would like the opportunity to prove the worth of using a CanDo finance manager to document the benefits of investing. This is a no obligation offer, backing our advice with valuable time and money – why wait?

A CanDo financial planner is only a phone call away. Secure your financial security with one no obligation call now?

Some frequently ask questions about investment lending!

We are accredited with the most reputable investment lenders in Australia.

How do I know how much I will be spending?

How much will my investment loan cost me?

What is a comparison rate of a property investment loan?

A comparison rate is the interest rate of a home loan plus some costs associated with the loan expressed as an interest rate.

Should I use a fixed or a variable rate?

The choice is entirely up to you. CanDo will clearly document the costs of each – but the final decision will be yours!

How do I qualify for an investment loan

Providing you have equity in your existing, proving you can afford to pay the loan back (serviceability) is enhance as the bank will allow some of the purposed rent to service the new debt.

The in's and outs of property investment

Property investment is a big decision, however one well worth taking we believe. Investing for your retirement, increasing you nett worth. Securing your kids future are all valid reasons to buy into the investment market.

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