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24/7 Caravan Loans

Consider buying a camper or caravan? Call CanDo caravan finance now!

CanDo provides easy caravan finance solutions for not just caravans. We provide loans for RV’s, camper trailers and motor homes.

Your leisure activities do not need to be expensive. The banks we use will provide you the very best caravan finance and at competitive low interest rate.

The caravan loan application process is very quick, expect an approval the same day!

Why use CanDo caravan finance?

Well the name says it all.

CanDo are here to organise cheap loans for, campers, motorhomes, off road caravans loans, even buses converted to RV’s can be financed.

Buy older vans or a brand-new RV’s it’s all the same to us. Bank rates are coming down, heading into the silly season. We should have some good bargains in few months.

Priding ourselves on customer support and service we keep our clients informed. During the entire caravan finance process by your dedicated finance manager.

FAQ's about caravan loans and camper trailer finance

One call or an easy online application and we can compare multiple lesisure loan lenders for you!

How do I know what the monthly repayment will be?

You can use one of our caravan loans calculator or get a quick quote online for an estimate. Don’t forget to allow for insurance in your estimate.

If I apply online how long will it take?

Once we recieve all your information required for an application the process is very fast. Usually within  24 hours our business managers will have you on the road

Can you finance older caravans and campers?

Yes we can, there is limit however and each lender is different. The oldest caravan we have organised finance for recently was built in 1985.

Can I buy a caravan privately?

Yes but only some banks let you do this. Financing a caravan loan or camping trailer from a private seller is OK with us.

The bank usually pays the seller directly and we check out the caravan or camper to make sure it is not encumbered.

What are the current caravan loans interest rates?

The interest rates for caravan finance and campers vary. Banks have thier niche markets, lenders like clients who buy caravans and see no risk others prefer cars or boats.

At Cando all the hard work is done for you and we provide no obligation quick quotes.

Whats the longest loan term?

These loans are classed as leisure loans by the banks. Leisure loans are use to buy caravans, campers, boats and motorbikes. The longest loan term for these products is 1 – 7 years.

Note: Banks do not allow balloons or residuals on these products.