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Finding a good bike, one that suits your needs requires careful consideration. Once you find that bike, financing your next ride is our job. CanDo motorbike loans provide flexible loan options for all makes and models.

Harley Davidson’s are one of our preferred bikes to finance. These bikes hold there value and as such the lender provide some very good bike rates for these makes.

We have some of the cheapest bike loans in Australia?

We believe cars, trucks and motorbike finance should all be the same. Thats not true bike loans are classed as leisure goods. By doing this the bank can charge a higher rate. Why, because leisure good are percieved as having mmore risk!

At Cando bike finance we do not believe this is right. So shop with us and you will get a fair deal on all your motorbike loans from now on.

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How do I know how much I can get approved for?

Easy! Let CanDo get you pre-approved. We do this by working out your wages (incomings) and your bills (outgoings) the surplus is then calculated into a dollar figure (loan amount)

What are the current bike loan interest rates?

Our cheapest motorcycle finance rate ATM is 5.99%

Do you do bike financing for bad credit?

Yes, we have several lenders who we use for bad credit motorbike financing approvals.

Harley-Davidson Financing

Searching for quick bike loans with good rates. Harley Davidsons motorbike will hold there value for years. So buying or upgrading your Harley will not cost you and arm and a leg!

Lending on all makes and models

Other makes and models of motorcycles we finance include Kawasaki, Ducati, Aprilia, Yamaha, Honda to name just a few. New motorbike financing for these models can be found Australia at competitive rates.

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At CanDo we finance over a million dollars a month of asset and other finance. We ue the banks product and provide bike finance rates better than the dealers can. Try us apply or call today!