Leisure lending Camper, Caravans, Rv's and Motorhome loans at low rates

Considering camping this summer? CanDo arrange low rate RV & Motorhome finance

Planning to see Australia by road - Travel in luxury, buy you own RV or Motorhome.

We call them leisure loans

It doesn’t really matter what you call them, they a financing for enjoyment. Not boring pieces of machinery, they are something the entire family can enjoy. CanDo offer finance for fun, camper trailers, caravans, motorhomes loans and RV’s loans. Summer, winter in Australia it doesn’t matter there is always somewhere warm and sunny!

So hit the bank, grab a few dollars and start enjoying your own backdoor. With low rate RV financing CanDo will get your holiday kick off. We deal with a diverse set of vehicles, caravan loans are huge coming into summer. While motorhome finance tends to kick off in the winter months.

Trusted banks for Motorhome Loans

These days they build some pretty spectacular luxury caravans and RV’s. The banks we use to finance them have added more and more products to the market, this means providing we shop around on your behalf – there are some very sharp caravan and camping lending rate out there.

The usual loan options like fortnightly or monthly payments are still avaiable. Some banks have extended their loan term on luxury leisure goods to 7 years. None however offer residual payments at the end of the finance term.

Some frequently ask questions answered

We are accredited with the most reputable leisure lenders in Australia

How do I estimate my motorhome loan repayment

Estimating is easy, use our repayment calculator link at the top of the page. However, for an quick rate quote ‘Apply Online” can a CanDo consultant will call you.

What is the banks rate?

Just like every RV or motorhome has different accessories each lender is the same. Apply now and receive an online quote, using our easy application form we will be able to provide an RV finance “exact repayment quote”

What’s the difference between banks?

Banks do have niche markets, RV financing only suits some lenders. So for accurate quick approvals call CanDo today.

Can you finance an older RV and Motorhomes?

Cando has organised loans for RV’s, motorhomes, bus, trucks converted to campers and caravans up to 30 years old. New RV interest rates are cheaper but we do find lenders for the older leisure products.

Each vehicle and applicant is unique so the best way for us to assess a deal by us talking to you after we have received you online application.

Which banks are best for Motorhome Loans

RV’s, Motorhome and luxury caravans range in price from $15000 to $450000 or more. So at CanDo is proud to be able to say, we find low rate flexible RV financing for all clients.

So not one bank will fit all clients. But one call and an online personal motorhome application and we will find the best and cheapest leisure loan to get your holiday started.

Do you finance used Motorhomes?

Financing used or new, there is no difference we can get you approved for either. These will be secured motorhome loans, by using a secured loan the interest rate offered by the banks are cheaper than an unsecured loan.

If getting on the road for a holiday and saving a buck or two on hotel accommodation sounds good to you, then call us. At CanDo we are open 7 days a week for your convenience!