Loans Com Au – CanDo Financial

Are You looking for Loans Com Au in Australia

Are you searching for the best finance deal in Australia? CanDo Loans Com Au is a company with more than 23 financial institutions and banks to choose from. All our lenders are Australian based and do not lend overseas. While this restricts some clients, it means these banks specialize in Australian loans – this makes them a better fit for you, the Australian resident.

We finance all types of goods:

  • Home Loans Com Au
  • Car Finance
  • Horse Floats
  • Boats or Jet Ski Loans
  • Goosenecks Trailers
  • Business Equipment, Machinery funding
  • Truck Low Doc Finance
  • Motorcycle or Bikes lending is also an option.

How you Apply

CanDo is offering a $250 cash back incentive to apply online through our secure website. Our website uses SSL security to store your personal information, so your information is safe with us. Applying online takes a couple of minutes and you can do this anytime of the day or night. We will call you as soon as we have received your application. The approval process takes between 6 – 18 hours, and no more than that!

Once you have applied

Our smart system will request a copy of your driver’s licence and 2 pay slips via the email address you supplied in your application (please check your span folder for this request). If you are a business owner, the request will be for 2-year FULL company financials unless you are applying for Low Doc Business Loan, and then this information is not required.

How does the seller get paid:

The seller receives payment directly from the bank. No third party payments can be organized. Part of our job is to organize this process. Payment is usually received – cash in bank overnight. Before the seller receives the funds CanDo Loans Com Au will be provided, direct from the bank and settlement advice, as soon as we receive this we call you within a minute. We know how important picking up your new purchase is to you!