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If you own a business you will understand the need for a business vehicle of some description, Low Doc Car Loans make buying that vehicle easy. Why use a Low Doc Loan, maybe you do not have tax returns yet or you have just purchased a business and the returns you have are not the best? Whatever the reason a CanDo Low Doc Loans manager will be able to provide you with information and options. Low Doc business loans are not just for business's to purchase cars. They can be used for all types of purchases machinery, printers, excavators, bobcats, trucks and vans.

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There are not to many banks or other lenders that specialise in Low Doc Car Finance, so shopping around will not help very much. This is a niche market offered ony by a few banks. Because of this fact a CanDo low doc business manager is the best contct for this type of application.

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Business Low Doc Car Financing

Not all Low Doc Loans are used to buy a car. Low Doc Business Finance to purchase items for business use are OK as well. For example a forklift, computer, van or machinery. Loans range from $10,000 right up to $250,000 dollars with no proof of income required (tax returns) The requirements for a low doc lending are very easy. The applicant must own or be buying property, you must have clear credit and you must be a holder of an ABN for two years or more. Thats the only criteria for a low doc business loans. For the larger Low Doc Financing over $50,000 you must be registered for GST. However this is a case by case senario.

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