CanDo has the answers to consolidating your debts?
• Credit cards - Bills - Personal Loan reduction
• Make one Easy Payment

At CanDo we understand debt consolidation, WE can save you hundreds of dollars.

Working with several specialist lenders to get you the best results.

What debt’s can’t you consolidate?

None! The main reasoning behind debt consolidation is to provide our clients, with financing options.

  1. You may want to reduce or weekly repayments
  2. Or transfer 5 loans into one easy repayment
  3. Payout an existing credit card debt

Maybe all the above, that’s the whole point anything is possible!

How much can I borrow?

One question we always are asked how much can I borrow. By reducing you weekly payments, this increases the amount a bank can legally lend to you. Usually it is enough to make your debt consolidation payments manageable.

There are other ways to borrow a larger amount, possibly by taking the loan over a longer term, say 7 years you could possibly qualify for a higher amount.

Combining all your payments into one saves you money in numerous ways.

CanDo saves you three times!

How much can I borrow for my business?

Most banks require full business financial before they will approve a loan. Your business tax returns are scrutinized and you proof calculated. Then the banks calculate your ability to repay any lending they may approve.

There are a few that require no proof of income!

What type of agribusiness loans do CanDo provide.

With well over 20 lenders available to our consultants we service all types of clients from all walks of life. Providing low rate lending to our clients is what we do!

What if I have had bad credit in the past

At CanDo we believe the past is just that. There are no guarantees except that you will recieve informative facts from our consultants and we will assist in finding you the lending you require.

Monthly account keeping fees

Most loans have a bank account keeping fee included in the finance agreement. By combining all your loans into one you can save a few dollars on each loans per month.

Even $5.oo dollars per month time 4 loans is a saving of $20.00

Debt consolidation rates are cheaper?

Certain debt consolidation loans are cheaper than others – we make 100% sure your payments are lower. Some credit cards are more than 30% with little or no benefit to you. providing you access to lenders who will refinance these debt on your behalf can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Knowing which bank is best suited to your personal requirements is our job and we look forward to accessing your individual situation.

Reducing your weekly outgoings

Another method we sometime find helpful is to extend the loan over a longer term. Say your current loan is a 60 months term – buy extending this term to 84 months it will reduce your weekly payments. There are reasons for and against this method as sometimes it is not financially beneficially.