Secured lending products reduce the lenders risk.

Secured personal loans have the cheapest rates!

Secured is the way to go, decreased lending risk means a reduced rate and increase loan amount!

Secured personal loans

Do you want the cheapest rate possible for you loan product? Then secured is for you. Personal secured lending rates start from 8.93%

Do you want a quick approval? Online applications streamline the process and make your approval even quicker!

Secured Business Loans

Searching for the best business loan on the planet? Look no further with multiple options avaiable applying online at CanDo is the easy option. Anytime of the day or night get the ball rolling with an application now.

Online is the way – our system is automated, once we have recieved your online application and supporting documents – we send you a CAnDo privacy consent form and your are only hours away from an answer!

Maximise you businesses potential, make your dollars work for you.

Competitive secured personal lending with flexible payments.

How much can I borrow for my business?

That totally depends on your business turnover verse profit. One of our lenders lets you borrow 1/3 of your average three months turnover. This is a very easy approval.

What type of personal loans do CanDo provide.

With well over 20 lenders available to our consultants we service all types of clients from all walks of life. Providing low rate personal lending options  to our clients is what we do!

CAn I get a personal unsecured loan with Bad Credit

Unfortunately this is not possible – however if you are buying a car or other securable goods then yes, please give us a call,

Why secured lending is key!

Have you ever lent money to someone, did they pay t back? If you had their car while the debt was outstanding, would you have been surer they would pay you?

Secured loans are exactly that!

What can I use as security for a loan?

No two banks are the same, all lending institutions have different fine print. Generally, the security held will be set by the loan amount. For small secured personal loans, a registered insured vehicle worth approximately 10 -15K will suffice for a 50K personal loan.

Are secured loans cheaper?

Yes, secured personal loans are always cheaper than unsecured. The reason behind this is a small lending formula called “rate for risk”Reducing the risks involved with lending can decrease the risk and so the interest rate decreases as well.