Secured or Unsecured Lending, which suits you?

At CanDo we understand and explain the difference, why use unsecured financing?

Personal loans can be used for any worthwhile purpose - the choice is yours!

Unsecured Personal Loans

Unsecured personal loans are loans that the lender does have any security for. For example, most credit cards offered by the banks are unsecured lending. Loan amounts to $40,000 are offered as unsecured lending, above this amount the banks will usually require some form of security.

For example: A registered and insured vehicle, the value of the vehicle does not have to be equal to the loan amount – it is only used to show your intent to repay the debt!


Unsecured Lending

Borrowing money to for personal use is one of the main reasons to use unsecured financing. Is this type of loan suitable to your requirement. The answer is yes, if you want money for any purpose and do not want to offer secuirty. Then an unsecured PL is what you need.

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Unsecured personal or business finance in Australia - tips and tricks

How can you save a few dollars on personal lending costs?

How much can I borrow for my business?

Most banks require full business financial before they will approve a loan. Your business tax returns are scrutinized and you proof calculated. Then the banks calculate your ability to repay any lending they may approve.

There are a few that require no proof of income!

What type of agribusiness loans do CanDo provide.

With well over 20 lenders available to our consultants we service all types of clients from all walks of life. Providing low rate lending to our clients is what we do!

What if I have had bad credit in the past

At CanDo we believe the past is just that. There are no guarantees except that you will recieve informative facts from our consultants and we will assist in finding you the lending you require.

What do you mean by the word unsecured?

Unsecured finance, is exactly that – unsecured, the lender has no security, if you do not pay back the loan, they cannot reposess any of your assets. but you do provide a personal guarantee to repay the debt.

These personal loans, in most cases set up as a fixed interest rate,

What if I pay back more each week?

One answer does not work for all banks, generally banks are happy to recieve extra payments – some however penalise you if you pay the loan out early – so always ask us or check the fine print in the loan contract.Thats why we have dedicate personal loans managers – they have the answers!

Are all business loans unsecured?

Business loans have wider set of criterias and these can be found in the loan contract, the security you offer total depends on your negotiation skills, with business financing each contract is unique!Contact CanDo’s specialist business managers to check for you – before you sign!