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Unsecured Personal Finance can be used for any purpose?

Debt consolidation - Holidays - Cars - Weddings

At Cando personal finance is our business!

Comparing lenders, sourcing cheap affordable personal loans across Australia

Which bank has the best personal loan?

The best personal loans come from evaluating your requirement, then matching those requirement to the lender best suited to you.Checking multiple lender such as Nissan Finance, St George Finance and Toyota Finance with a range of other lenders CanDo will find you a flexible convenient personal loan.

Why use us? At CanDo you will have a dedicated lending manager, who will provide low rate flexible personal finance offer of approval once we have assessed your application. The money will be transferred overnight in cash to your nominated bank account!

Low rate personal loans to suit you

What can you use a personal loan for? The easy answer is anything you would like to do. Client can choose to debt consolidate, renovate the home, go on holiday, pay for you daughter’s wedding even medical procedures, that why it’s called a personal loan!

At CanDo we like to think we ask all the right question, you are the person this loan must fit. We factor your personal budget requirements into a competitive finance package you are happy with.

Some frequently asked personal lending questions

We are accredited with over 25 lenders in Australia. Competing with each other to offer the cheapest personal finance possible.

Which lender do you use?

So many lenders, yet sometimes only one lender fits your requirments! We find the best one for you.

Is a personal loan a fixed rate?

Yes, all personal loans CanDo offers to its clients a low rate fixed interest finance.

Why do banks charge different rates?

In the finance world, Its best explained as Rate verses Risk. If a bank thinks the risk is greater (for any reason) the rate they offer will be higher. Cando’s experience consultants know which bank suits you best!

Do you use Nissan Finance?

No CanDo is not accreddited with Nissan Finance, we use other banks that offer the same if not better lending rates than Nissan Finance.

Nissan is a dedicated motorvehicle lender and there products are structured toward auto loans. However we have organised personal loans for clients buying Nissan cars.

CanDo uses Latitude Finance and St George

Both of these companies supply arrange of lending product. Latitude finance has a huge personal loans portfolio with a motor vehicle loans as well. St Gorge is a well known bank in Australi and offers a full suite of products, home, personal and motorvehicle also.

Weare proud to be associated with both Lattitude Finance and St George Finance.

Why mulitple banks? Easier Approvals

CanDo is accredited with our 20 lenders, by using multiple banks we are able to find you the best loan for your needs. Not all banks do personal renovation loans, some do debt consolidation with low rates other do not.

Most offer personal car finance but for the older auto loans we use an unsecured car loan. Not too many banks provide this service.