Buying Cars or Boats Privately

Buying boats privately can save you hundreds of dollars. Our 20+ banks and other lenders approve loans for you to buy from private sellers. Pickles, Manheim or other auction houses are OK also. CanDo finance brokers are here to save you money. Bargain hard our finance once approved is as good as cash. Expert advice from a finance specialist can save you even more! Click through to learn more.

Private sales ar OK with us!

Cars, Boats, Truck or Equipment, all types of goods can be purchased from private sellers. Utilise Gumtree, EBay or the Trading post to find the best deal for you. Cando even offer additional warrantee cover to add that extra security to your purchase. All private sales buys are checked and triple check to make sure the goods you are buying are unencumbered for your safety.