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New vs Used Truck Finance

As a truck owner you will have asked yourself this many times. Should I buy new one and reap the benefits of a manufacturers warrantee? Or buy used truck at a cheaper price, possibly saving thousands of dollars. CanDo used truck loans is not here to make that decision for you. We are here to offer you truck finance to minimize your costs whichever choice you make.

Business new truck funding:

Financing a truck or heavy vehicle is relatively easy. However, there is a myth that new trucks interest rates are cheaper than used truck rates. This may be true for a truck that is 10 – 15 years old, but definitely not true for a new to 3year old vehicle. Lenders tend to like the newer trucks yet they are not silly and can see the benefits in buying a nearly new truck at nearly half the cost of a new one.

Used truck lending

Buying a used truck gives you options. Buy from a used truck dealer or perhaps purchase privately – what’s your choice? We are here to help organize the best rate truck loan possible, new or used, it does not matter. Used versus New trucks purchasing, what’s the answer? Auctions, Dealers or buying from a private seller or buying a truck and working contract is another avenue open to the new business owner.


Before you make the big decision, please call one of our staff and discuss your needs and requirements. Financing is what we do, so it would be wise to ask for advice before leaping into an expensive investment.

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