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Looking to purchase a boat, a vehicle or even an aircraft. Try a Cando Financial personal loans. Or do you need quick cash to buy a car, boat or for a hard-earned vacation, maybe your dream wedding? If so, Cando Financial is here to organize all types of cheap personal loans for all sorts of goods. For the sake of our clients’ convenience and comfort, we offer the best personalised loans with affordable interest rates, fast approval and no stress.

  • Cheap Interest Rates from 4.49% - 13.99%
  • Best Low Doc Car Loans - No Proof of Income required
  • Cheap No deposit Car Finance
  • Online Personal Loans
  • Pay your Loan Back over 7 years


Personal Finance for You

Cando Financial has been making financing a fast, affordable and smooth process for personal or businesseses for over 10 years. We work with 20 different reputable personal loan lenders with over 400 types of car loans in order to make this possible. It’s favourable if the business owner has a clear credit history and an ABN of 2+ years.
There are two types of business car loans: full doc and low doc. To match a client’s needs and requirements to a bank’s product requires expertise, and our business finance managers are second to none.Financing options include, secured and unsecured finance for all types of cars, goods and equipment
In general it’s favourable if the business owner has a clear credit history and an ABN of 2+ years. Getting the best personal loan for your business is our business.

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Business Financing – Finance Explained

by Loans and Finance | February 11, 2016 | Finance Explained
What is a Business Loan Business Financing – A business finance loan is used to purchase or buy goods for business use or just increase your cashflow!, vehicles, property or equipment to be used for, or in a business...
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Business Car Finance

If a business is looking for the best car finance options they have wide range of choices to chose from with CanDo Loans. We can source business car finance from a range of companies, banks and other lenders. Specialising in Low Doc Car Loans.

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Novated Lease

A Novated Lease will suit any employee who wants to include a motor vehicle as part of their salary package, so long as their employer offers salary packaging as an option for employees.

Are you an employee? Do you want to include a motor vehicle as part of your salary package? If so, a Novated Lease is for you providing that your employer offers a salary packaging option for their employees.

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Bad Credit History Car Loans

by Loans and Finance | September 23, 2015 | Finance Explained
If you have bad credit history, getting a loan may seem like a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be. Finance companies are not all the same. Some banks and other lenders are prepared to offer you a...
Bad Credit Car Loans - Apply

Low Doc Car Finance

by Loans and Finance | September 23, 2015 | Finance Explained
Are you self-employed and have income and assets, but can’t provide financial income statements or proof of income tax returns? CanDo have few specialist banks that do not require you to provide your companies tax returns. These types of...
Low Doc Loans - More Info

Secured Car Loans

Car Loans are a personal finance product where the financier lends the customer funds for the purchase of a vehicle, and secures the loan against that vehicle.

Auto finance or Car Loans as they are usually called are the easiest of all lending to get an approval for. Lenders all have different rules and regulations regarding finance. Some lend you money even if you have bad credit. Other like you to be a home owner, most banks provide no money down car loans. Home owners tend to be offered the best interest rates!

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Private Sale Car Loans

Need Car Finance for a great deal from a private vendor? Your bank won't help you out with a car purchased privately? Speak to the personal loans staff at CanDo Car Loans and save, we offer better rates than the Banks and Dealers.

Would you like to purchase your car from a private seller? Perhaps you’ve found a great deal, but you’re having difficulty financing it. If that’s the case, then contact Cando Financial. We offer affordable car loans to anyone who needs them.

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Buying Cars or Boats Privately

by Loans and Finance | September 23, 2015 | Finance Explained
Buying boats privately can save you hundreds of dollars. Our 20+ banks and other lenders approve loans for you to buy from private sellers. Pickles, Manheim or other auction houses are OK also. CanDo finance brokers are here to...
Buying Privately Explained

Loans Com Au – CanDo Financial

by Loans and Finance | February 18, 2016 | Finance Explained
Are You looking for Loans Com Au in Australia Are you searching for the best finance deal in Australia? CanDo Loans Com Au is a company with more than 23 financial institutions and banks to choose from. All our...
More about Loans Com AU

Cheap Personal Loans

Whether it's to buy your new car, renovate your home, go on a much needed holiday, pay for your dream wedding or take control of your debts by bringing them all together in one place, a Cheap Personal Loan could help you get what you want, without the wait.

Low Rate Personal Loans are loans used to finance a great many things. Whether you’re looking buy a vehicle, boat, caravan, horse float loans or pay off your debts, dream wedding or a much needed home renovation Discover Personal Loans that suit you best.

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